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About FAAL

How It Started

Corey Taylor had a vision and a dream for himself that took him outside of his Nashville, TN hometown.  He wanted to change people’s lives for the better in a way that they had never experienced.  As a certified fitness trainer, he had made it his mission to become an expert with HIIT (High Interval Intense Training) which combined his background as an athlete with the need people had to lose weight without spending hours in the gym.

A year removed from his hometown, knocked off his feet by hard times, Corey used fitness as his escape and it saved his life. He refused to ask for help and refused to quit on his dreams. He created meal plans from strict budgets that helped him transform his body to the next level. He used that to help his clients shop for healthy food on a budget! Battling depression and being broke Corey felt that his body and his health were the only thing that he could control. Fitness truly became his lifestyle, and his vehicle to the next step.

Corey met his now COO and Brand Manager Lizann M. Destin as a client. He knew he needed help with his brand and wanted the right person to represent him.  After just two months of working together, they gained their first sponsorship from They worked hard as team and as the brand progressed so did the business and exposure.

As a partnership was formed in 2012 Fitness As A Lifestyle, LLC was born. They started Fitness As A Lifestyle HIIT-Camps running it out of parking deck of their apartment complex with just a couple of dedicated clients.  Soon, word spread about Corey’s energy, his clients’ success, and his passion for training others. Which lead to Corey and Lizann putting down roots in Atlanta and acquire their first location in 2014, in midtown. Today, those boot camps that started with just a couple of regular attendants have grown into crowds cramming into his studio space ready to pour their hearts and souls into self-improvement for the next 45 minutes.