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Health Coaching

FAAL Health Coaching with Corey S. Taylor

“Helping you to develop a healthier state of mind “

In order to be fit for life and in order to make that first step to a better you, your mental strength has to be nurtured as well! That is what health coaching is all about. It includes:

  • weekly consultations, which can be in person or virtual
  • a one time kitchen raid
  • 30 day meal plan
  • one time workout with your coach and a
  • personally designed workout for you at home or for a gym

Your coach will check in on you weekly and more as needed. You have access to your coach for any pressing questions you may have. This program is to keep you accountable, progressive, and to help you reach your goals and know how to maintain them. Your coach will help you through the the process of changing your life, while making fitness a lifestyle. This package includes life coaching and health coaching all in one. Even though fitness is a part of this package, the majority is about your overall health and wellness. It is perfect for the client that needs a reset rather than personal training, to take them to that next step



This package will be personalized for you and your specific needs. Virtual clients can participate in health coaching as well, the package will be modified due to the distance.


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