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Corey Taylor

Corey S. Taylor


Corey S. Taylor is an athletic powerhouse that has taken the mainstream fitness industry by storm, virtually and live! From homeless to powerhouse, Taylor is very familiar with hardships but he never lost sight.

In 2014 Corey was named Atlanta’s TOP Trainer Award and one of Shape magazine’s 50 Hottest Male Trainers in America. Since moving to Atlanta, GA from Nashville, TN, Taylor has been endorsed and sponsored by various brands his first being Detour Bar, tripled his clientele, and opened his own fitness studio. His eclectic, out of the box style of personal training has attracted clients from all over the globe. Taylor’s unique style of H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) has garnered celebrity clients, professional athletes, as well as recognition in Life and Style magazine, and on Dr. Oz. As the official trainer for Kontrol Magazine, he intends to make his brand a household name. And the makings of this brand is expanding, one virtual client at a time.

It was during Taylor’s college football days that he developed a heart and passion for personal training, and as a result began working with students at his college gym. After a brief stint in local gyms, his passion ignited an entrepreneurial spirit and “Fitness As A Lifestyle” was born. From Division 1 athletes surrendering their summers to the “Pain is Progress” fitness guru, to teachers, police recruits, and the like, Taylor has made a mark in Metro Atlanta and continues to expand his brand nationally and internationally.

Taylor is in love with his ability to change lives. He believes that “fitness brings one closer to self, which positively changes a person’s whole mentality”. With each 30 minute session, H.I.I.T camp, or ab class, Taylor is doing just that, effecting change; changing lives one session, one pound, one rep at a time. Growing up an only child, he was always considered the “artist” and “musician”. It is this creativity, coupled with his competitive nature and love for all things Sports & Fitness that has allowed Taylor to turn any space into his own personal fitness studio.

He believes that you do not have to belong to a gym or have state of the art equipment to maintain an active lifestyle; your equipment is all around you. From his “gallon of water” workout to his “paper plate” cardio, Taylor has shared his life changing fitness platform all over, declaring the city of Atlanta as is his office. His desire to physically transform others and philanthropic nature is displayed in the generous collection of free workouts and meal plans on his website and social media sites. Undoubtedly, his innate ability to look at ordinary items and turn them into a world class workout has gained the attention of the world.

“More Results in Less Time”